Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Question of the Day: What about large cemeteries?

Question: My city cemetery is not on Names in Stone, but it is too large for me to map myself. How do we get large cemeteries into the database?

Answer: At Names in Stone, there are two classifications of cemeteries - Class A and Class B.

Class A - Cemeteries that are managed by a public agency such as a city, county, cemetery district, or a private entity such as a funeral home or church. They are usually well over 200 graves and are mapped by the managing organization.

If you know of a Class A cemetery you would like added to Names in Stone, contact the management of the cemetery and inform them of the website. You can encourage them to complete a Cemetery Questionnaire, and then they can fax it to Names in Stone. A NAMES IN STONE representative will contact them with pricing and funding suggestions for having their cemetery digitally mapped. (The Questionnaire and Fax # are available in the 'Map a Cemetery' section of the website.) Cemetery membership in Names in Stone is free.

Class B - Small cemeteries, usually less than 200 graves, that are often cared for by families or volunteers. These are the cemeteries that we as Grave Mappers can add to the database. These include abandoned cemeteries, family cemeteries, small town cemeteries, and any small cemeteries that are not mapped by a managing organization.

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