Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Abandoned Cemeteries in Hanceville, Alabama

An anonymous reader sent Grave Mappers the coordinates and locations for three abandoned cemeteries in Hanceville, Alabama and another cemetery in Cullman County:
  • In someone's yard, next to their house - 34o 03'55.58" N 86o 45'30.65" W elev 541 ft.
  • A small patch of trees contains a graveyard between Interstate 65 and Highway 31 in Alabama: 34o 18'49.39" N 86o 54'06.05" W elev 630 ft.
  • Another adjacent to an apartment complex in Hanceville Alabama: 34o 04' 08.89" N 86o 46' 18.42" W elev. 555 ft.
  • The Boyd Cemetery in Cullman County hidden by a path of trees: 34o 04'27.65" N 860 46' 28.31" W elev 608 ft.
Would this reader or another Alabama Grave Mapper be able to go to these locations and collect gravestone locations and information? It would be great to get these cemeteries mapped and on the Names in Stone website so everyone could access their information!

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  1. we looked for names on the head stones in the cemetery beside our apt. and one read the name william watson, and henry watson from the 1800's


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