Monday, December 29, 2008

A Cemetery at a High School?

Grave Mappers continues to receive information about cemeteries in interesting locations - backyards, highway interchanges, parking lots, and even at a high school!

Lakes Community High School is located in Lake Villa, Illinois. When students look out the windows here, they don't just see a football field. Home Oak Cemetery shares the same corner of the intersection with the high school, and students walk through it everyday to get to school! View a photo and read more about it at Lakes' student newspaper website. Also, in 2005, for his Eagle Scout Service Project, Boy Scout Cameron Bay photographed all of the headstones in this cemetery. You can view his photos here. Another great Eagle Scout Project would be to build on what Cameron has done and create a map of this cemetery on Names in Stone.

We've also found two more cemeteries in parking lots to add to our list:

  • Louisville, Kentucky - near a McDonald's and a Hobby Lobby.

  • Oviedo, Spain - in the parking lot of the Parque Principado Mall.

Anyone interested in creating online maps for these cemeteries?

Ver mapa más grande

This brings up a good question...

What if you want to map a cemetery on Names in Stone that is in a country other than the United States or Canada?

I contacted a Names in Stone representative and got some interesting information.

When you map a cemetery on the website, you create it on Google Maps. First, you register the name and address of the cemetery and then you are taken to the Google Map to pinpoint the location of the cemetery. As you know, these maps can take you anywhere in the world, and it's no different at Names in Stone. The website will allow you to map a cemetery at any location in the world.

Currently, the Cemetery List on the website only shows cemeteries in the United States and Canada. However, when cemeteries are added at other locations throughout the world, the website will be updated and will show the other countries as well. You can also contact Names in Stone at to let them know you are creating a map in another country.

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