Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eagle Scout Project - Leader Message

Grave Mappers received this message from one of the leaders who accompanied the Boy Scouts as they mapped the Fairfield, Utah Cemetery.

"I was impressed with this group of scouts as they mapped the Fairfield, Utah Cemetery. They worked very hard for several hours mapping, photographing, and transcribing information from headstones.

"It was intriguing to watch them. They came to support their friend, but most of them had no previous experience with cemeteries. As they worked, they became curious and then interested in the cemetery and its occupants. I saw some of them bent over, reading monuments and headstones. They wondered about headstones that had many small items around them left by family and friends. They were touched by three headstones right in a row that said, "Killed by Indians." Sometimes they tried to piece together family relationships by seeing the burials that were next to each other. I've included a few photos of things that peaked their interest.

"I believe that mapping a cemetery was a great way to get these young men interested in family history and genealogy. I hope more Boy Scouts will take the opportunity to do this kind of project."

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  1. The 3 men that were only the first to be killed by indians. George and Washington were my great great great uncles. William H. Carson is my great x3 grandfather. George Carson was killed by a squaw indian that threw a spear in his leg and he died a few days later. Washington Carson headed for some dense cave banks near utah lake where he was met and killed by the Tintic tribe of indians. John Carson the leader of the five carson brothers that settled fairfield and others chased cheif white elk and his braves across utah lake in the dead of winter and they fell through the ice and were killed. That is a VERY fascinating story it is a long one though so I thought i'de give you a gist of it.


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