Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One Grave Cemeteries

There are two unique cemeteries new to the Names in Stone database. What's so different about them? Each of them only has one grave!

The Mary Ellis Grave is located in a movie theater parking lot in New Brunswick, NJ! You can be sure that when Mary Ellis came to live in this beautiful setting by the Raritan River that there was no parking lot around! Legend has it that she came in the 1790's to stay with her younger sister Margaret. She fell in love with a sea captain, who promised that when he returned they would be married. She waited, and waited......Read all of her tragic story -- and find out why her grave is located in a parking lot -- at Weird N.J.'s travel guide.

The Lone Grave Cemetery is located in Dewhurst, Wisconsin. This is the burial site of Blanche Grimes, a 16 month old baby. She was the daughter of Frank and Emma Grimes, born April 1, 1894 and died August 5, 1895. In the 1890's, a little town called Columbia sprang up here, with at least twenty stores, a schoolhouse, and a depot. But by 1910, most of the settlers had gone. One of these families was Frank and Emma Grimes, who had to leave behind the grave of their baby daughter. Now all that's left is a log cabin and a grave. It is actually believed that there are 27 graves in this little cemetery, but only one grave marker. Go to the Clark County, Wisconsin Internet Library ALHN & AHGP website to see photos and learn more about the history of Lone Grave Cemetery.

Does anyone know of other cemeteries with only one grave? Contact us at Grave Mappers and we'll share their stories.

Do you live near any of these small cemeteries? We need your help mapping! Let's get these One Grave Cemeteries on Names in Stone so we can preserve their records!

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  1. I live near Blanches Lone Grave. I worked at a youth home in Neillsville in the past and we would go out and rake leaves and clean up and the residents from the group home also left trinkets. I did not know that there were unmarked graves in the area. I hope your site continues to grow.


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