Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Adding Photos

A great feature that I like about Names in Stone is the Community Forum.

Here you can add your own information to a grave record. For instance, if you have additional dates or places that aren't on the cemetery record, you can add them here. You can add photos or other digital images - like headstone photos or family photos.

You can also participate in discussions or ask for research help on the Discussion page. This would be a great place to link up with other people who are researching the same records you are!

This is a great addition - I particularly like adding headstone photos to the graves. I like being able to access the headstone when I'm looking at the grave record. What a great research tool!

You can add headstone photos to graves in cemeteries that are already in the database or add them to your own maps. You can also find your relatives in any cemetery and add their family photos to their records.

You reach this page on the website in a couple of different ways:
  • Search for a deceased person - Smith, Mary. On the home page enter the name on the right under "Searching Maps." This will take you to the results of your search. Find "Smith, Mary" in your results list. Under her record you will find some options: Map, Community, Add to List, Decorate. Click on "Community." This will show you other information that visitors other than the cemetery itself have contributed to Mary Smith's record.
  • Search for a cemetery. On the home pagean the cemetery have contributed about this person., select "Cemetery List." Click on the state where your cemetery resides and then select your cemetery from that list. Now select a grave within the cemetery. On the right you will find three tabs - Source: Cemetery, Source: Community, Discussion. Click on "Source: Community." This will show you other information that visitors other th
To add your own photos or other digital images to a record, click "Edit Info." Now click "Upload Image." This will open a small window. Click "Browse" to access your files, then choose which file you want to contribute. Give it a title and choose which image type it is. When you are finished, click "Upload." Your image is now a part of that person's record!

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