Friday, January 16, 2009

Edward Jackson Cole Family Cemetery

In his blog, Virginia Family Tree Genealogy, Kevin Lett has a great article about a small family cemetery in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. Buried there are:
  • Emma Cole Simmons
  • Thomas H. Cole
  • Edward J. Cole
  • Athaliah D. Cole
  • John H. Cole
  • William T. Cole

It is also believed that Edward Thomas Cole and Ann Eliza Beal Cole are buried there. Kevin has done some great research on this cemetery and has included wonderful headstone photos. He also has a map of the area from 1864.

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  1. It is very interesting and impressive to learn that so many people are putting so much attention and effort into various ways of remembering. And even more impressive is the way we are doing things to make the information and memories we have to other people.

    I think this website is a wonderful way of helping us do both. Thank you.


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