Friday, July 10, 2009

Oxford, Alabama - An Indian Mound or a Sam's Club?

Terry Thornton of Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi writes in to tell Grave Mappers of a big problem in Oxford, Alabama. It seems that a 1500-year-old Indian mound is being destroyed so the city can use the dirt as landfill for a Sam's Club.

You can read all about it at Deep Fried Kudzu. Ginger made a trip to the site and was stunned at what she found. The mound has been completely stripped of vegetation - except for a few trees at the top. And you can see the construction crews hard at work demolishing the mound.

Check out her article and the photos she has posted. Hopefully it's not too late to do something about it!


  1. Please help to save the Sacred Mound by signing this petition and inviting your friends too:

    Thanks for your support!

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