Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That's a Strange Place for a Cemetery!

Bryant Family Cemetery

In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, there's a small cemetery located in the middle of an apartment complex parking lot. It's elevated and fenced - apparently the developer couldn't get permission to move the cemetery when he built the apartments, so they left it in the middle of the complex. Good thing in my opinion!

The cemetery looks like it belonged to the Bryant family and the last known burial was in 1916.

Perkins Family Cemetery

Also in Mississippi is the Perkins Family Cemetery. It's in the woods behind a subdivision in Washington, near Natchez in Adams County. The cemetery has a brick wall around it, but it's by a gully and some of the graves and wall have fallen into the gully.

There are four markers:
  • M'Cullough, Mary Jane
  • Perkins, Charles
  • Perkins, Sarah
  • Perkins, Joseph Sen'r
There is also a plaque here: In memory of Perkins: 1788-1988, Joseph & Sarah, by his descendants, 9 Apr. 1988.

Do you know of any cemeteries in strange and unusual places? Please leave a comment and tell us about them!


  1. Over the years I've seen any number of small, out of the way, uncared-for cememtaries and haven't paid much attention, except to wonder about the people there, and the ones who placed them there. Now, I'll pay attention, make notes, take a picture or two with my trusty phone, and report them to you. Maybe I'll even take a minute and find who they belong to that is still around there and let them know where to look on line and report a little history and sketch of what is probably a treasured spot to them. Sounds fun to me.

  2. That does sound fun...are we any relation to the Perkins in that cemetery?

  3. I don't know, we could be but I haven't figured it out.

  4. There's a cemetery in Columbus, Ohio that's on the property of a pharmaceutical company. I can't really mention any names, due to the terms of being allowed on the property to photograph the cemetery.

    You can see my page devoted to it here:

  5. The New Orleans Superdome is built on top of what was once the Girod Street Cemetery.

  6. Thanks for the post! It reminded me about a little family cemetery I've been keeping my eye on. There's been construction all around it for the past year. I wrote a post about it at the Southern Graves blog.

  7. In the parking lot of a Home Depot in Commack, Long Island (New York) there's a small cemetery.,-73.311676&spn=0.002118,0.003739

    Zoom in on the trees just below the 'Modells Sporting Goods' tag


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